The Symbolism of the Trip to the Self in Carl Jung’s Dream Theories and Discoveries

The Symbolism of the Trip to the Self in Carl Jung’s Dream Theories and Discoveries

September 16, 2021 0 By admin

Carl Jung’s dream theories were not hypothetical but fundamental discoveries, according to my research. He had demonstrated to the rest of the world that he had uncovered the true meaning of dreams in various ways. On the other hand, his psychology is far too convoluted, and his method of dream interpretation is far too time demanding. This is why just a few others followed his lead and recognized that he genuinely understood the dream language.

The most convincing argument he gave us was his description of the symbolism in dreams that depict the journey to the Self, the human psyche’s center, where they would meet the unconscious mind. Jung confirmed that all dreamers who follow their unconscious guidance in their dreams perceive the same sequence and order of dream symbols throughout their journey. The dream symbols that make up the journey to the Self function as a map.

Because they see the signs that mark the trip to the Self in their dreams, the dreamers know they’re on the right track while speculating on the content of their psyche. The same symbols can be found in various literary works published by a variety of authors throughout history, all of which reflect the same psychical theory. This is yet another example of Jung’s discoveries being actual. Numerous symbols make up the journey to the Self. The road is the initial symbol, indicating the start of their investigation. The second symbol represents the urge to stop and sleep on the side of the road, forgetting about the need to meet the Self.

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The dwarf is the third symbol, representing the erroneous mentality of individuals who assume they have always known the truth. They can’t progress unless they learn a lot more, which is why their development is stagnant. This symbol is a severe cautionary symbol. The fourth symbol represents the heroes’ petrifaction as they remain at the exact location, unable to continue their journey. Another warning to lazy dreamers or literary scribes is this symbol. It warns them that if they cease researching, they will become like immobile boulders that will not move.