Making a Decision about Your Future Based on Dream Interpretation

Making a Decision about Your Future Based on Dream Interpretation

September 16, 2021 0 By admin

The meaning of dreams is precise, and because of the astonishing discoveries of psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung, they may be accurately translated. He was the only scientist who had the patience to research the meaning of vital images for all of humanity’s civilizations. He was able to decipher the enigmatic meaning of symbolic dream language and the psychology of dreams.

According to Carl Jung, the knowledgeable unconscious mind creates our dreams, a mysterious organ that acts as a natural psychotherapist. He concluded that the unconscious mind is God’s thought, yet he was not religious. Even though he recognized that our conscience is one-sided because it functions based on one well-developed psychological function and another half-developed, he only saw the unconscious mind as a helpful counselor for our conscience.

Thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition are the four psychological functions we have at our disposal, but we rarely employ them. We must improve our intelligence by improving the psychological functions in our conscience that aren’t working. Dream translation is used to continue the process of mind empowerment. The unconscious mind reveals everything about a dreamer’s psychological state and what they need to do to achieve mental health, calm, and happiness. I continued Jung’s research where he had left off. Because Jung was a chilly scientist, I uncovered the unconscious sacredness that Jung couldn’t see. With his scientific glasses on, he examined the meaning of religion.

Jung's Dream Theory and Modern Neuroscience: From Fallacies to Facts

I concluded that the uninformed and ridiculous human beings must follow God’s counsel in dreams rather than acting on their one-sided conscience. I could understand God’s dissatisfaction with humanity without believing that God is wicked because of our sinfulness. Because we are dreadful sinners, I realized that God does not stop being saintly when He punishes us. God is our heavenly parent. He can’t be unconcerned with our errors.